A real world = A working life

“Congraduations! Welcome to the real world”

I often heard those words when people (who older and experience in the working life) congratulate someone who just graduated. For me, I can relate those words since this year it turns to the third year, me in a working life. (Well, it is still a “junior” however I did learnt many things from my experiences)

A working life.

What should I explain first? Well, based on my perspective, it can be say that it is true that when you are entering the working phase in your life, means that you are ready to face a real world.

What does it mean?

It means that,

You will meet many people who have a different thinking, culture and behavior. Means that you should ready to fit, adapt and put yourself in broader community, environment and even society.

You will meet many people who will like you, help you, support you besides your family and your close friends. And means you will also meet people who don’t like you at all, or we can say people who will pretend to like you.

Yes, indeed.

You will face many type of people.

For example,

People who gladly greet you, open the conversation with you in the first day of your work. Of course, in opposite. There are also people who boldly said the they don’t need you in a team.

Then the question is..

What you really need to prepare?

First, prepare your mental. Maybe sounds funny, but for me it works. Be ready about everything that might be happen. It not always a “negative” thing but also an “unexpected” story that you might be have.

Second, define your purpose and set your target. It is also important so that you really know what should you do. Working it doesn’t just a matter to get a money but also networking, career, experience and also life story.

The last but not least, don’t be too hard for yourself. When you think that you cannot do some work, give yourself time to learn. When you cannot mingle with everyone in the office, don’t easily feel down. Enjoy the process.


You cannot pleased everyone. Yes. You cannot.

It is OK to have people who doesn’t like you. It is OK to know that people are talking behind you.

Maybe, my post sounds like I am scaring people about a working life. But, what I actually want to share is that YOU are the ONLY KEY to pass through this phase.


I do believe some of you who read this might be disagree with me and indeed the first sentence also cannot applicable to all cases.


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